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Desktop type Active Vibration Isolaton SystemME40 series

The compact body houses active isolation mechanism in six degrees of freedom

In recent years the field of nanotechnology has made remarkable progress, and as a result the needs of customers have evolved. The ME40 Series stands as a reliable partner in this constantly changing field, capable of meeting your nanotechnology needs by maximizing the performance of high-precision and high-resolution precision instruments. The compact body houses active isolation mechanism in six degrees of freedom, to produce the ideal vibration environment which surpassed the capabilities of conventional passive vibration isolation systems.

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  • For Microscopy
  • For Measurement
  • For Surface Analysis
ME40 series
  • Tabletop


Active vibration isolation in six degrees of freedom

The system can control vibration in three dimensions (six degrees of freedom) while continuously monitoring the vibration of the loading table. This is done by using an integrated actuator to provide an opposite phase signal to the measured vibration.

Wide selection of sizes

We offer four sizes - two desktop types and two workstation types. For desktop types a damped alminium plate is used as the loading table, while a steel honeycomb optical tabletop is used for workstation types.

Specialized L-type for light weight applications

We also offer products designed for light weight applications, such as small SPMs, where the L-type's vibration isolation capabilities can be fully utilized.

Automatic active control and leveling adjustment

Our originally developed control system optimizes gain control, which is an essential part of active vibration isolation.

(Please note that in some instances automatic control might not work, depending on the installation environment or whether the ME40 Series is used with a movable instrument, such as a high precision stage.)

Requires only a single power supply to run

The only thing needed to run the ME40 Series is a power supply. No air supply from a compressor or other unit is required, allowing you to use ME40 series wherever you go.


Precision measuring and processing instruments such as scanning probe microscopes (SPM), confocal laser microscopes, interferometer systems, 3D configuration measuring equipment, and displacement meter systems

Vibration transmissibility

vibration transmissibility


  • Specifications
Active control range0.5Hz~100Hz(passive control for 100Hz or higher)
Automatic mechanismActive control adjustment, leveling adjustment
StatusDisplayed on the front LCD congrol panel
Load weight (kg)80(L:40)80
Table dimensions (mm)430×530530×630
Machine dimensions (mm)※※430×530×90530×630×90
Machine weight (kg)2838
UtilityPower supply(100V-240V,AC single-phase,50/60Hz)
Standard accessoriesInstruction manual, power cord (3m)
OptionsLoading table: Steel honeycomb optical tabletop

※uniformly distributed load
※※Protrusions are not included.
Dedicated soundproof booths and desktop machine frame are also available. Please contact us for more information about these products.

[Option]Steel honeycomb optical tabletop



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