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  1. Active Pneumatic Suspention System MRZ series

Active Pneumatic Suspention SystemMRZ series

Active Pneumatic Suspention System

Based on MAPS series, we have developed high performance and reasonable Active Pneumatic Suspention System MRZ series!

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Active Pneumatic Suspention System MRZ series
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FPD・semicondoctor equipment、Electron microscopy、UHV-SPM、Measuring machine、Ultraprecision machine、etc.

Active vibration isolation in six degrees of freedom

Each unit has two air pressure actuators: vertical and horizontal, and can experience excellent performance of vibration isolation, vibration suppression and precise positioning.

FB+FloorFF control

FB: Feedback
FloorFF: Floor Feedforward
StageFF: Stage Feedforward (Option)

「Light and Compact」「Save Electricity 」「Reasonable Price」!

Realize Light weight and compact, save electricity, and reasonable price.


Japanese Patent No. 5457821



Payload Range per 4 units[kg]4,000~12,80010,000~32,000
Dimensions of a Unit W×D×H [mm]504x404x191694x594x191
Mass of a Unit [kg/unit]60110
Supplied Air Pressure [MPa]0.6~0.8(Clean dry air)
Typical Air Consumption [l/min]120~170
Maximum Air Consumption [l/min]300
 Power Supply Voltage [V](Single-Phase AC,50/60Hz)
Maximum Power Consumption[VA]120
Environmental Temperature [℃]0~40
Relative Humidity [%RH]35~85
Vibration Isolation methodVibration Isolation by Air Pressure Control
Dimensions of Controller W×D×H [mm]435x300x118
Mass of a Controller [kg]7.5

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